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From farm to can, we put our love and passion into producing our Koolbrew canned black cold brew coffee. Our Discovery Pack lets you try two types - Brazil and Ethiopia! Both are guaranteed to make your day kooler. 

Our cold brew beans were cultivated on women-owned farms and roasted at a woman-owned roastery. Sip a Koolbrew and support ethical and sustainable specialty coffee led by women.


Coffee Bean Information - Ethiopia

  • REGION: Dumerso, Yirgacheff ( Dumerso Washing Station)
  • PROCESS: Washed
  • ALTITUDE: 1880 to 2200 MASL
  • VARIETALS: Kurume, Wolisho, Dega and other heirloom varieties
  • CUPPING NOTES: Lemon grass, a hint of floral, and peach, with a sweet, smooth mouthfeel and aftertaste. 


Coffee Bean Story - Ethiopia 

    Led by the dynamic sister team of CEO Hirut (Beti) Birhanu and Manager Mahder Birhanu, Dumerso is a family endeavour anchored in Yirgacheffe and extending its reach to several other areas of Ethiopia. The flagship washing station is Dumerso, acquired by Beti 12 years ago and named for the village where it is located in the Yirgacheffe District. The family has lovingly worked in coffee for more than 20 years and, through enormous challenges, has stayed smart and consistent.

    Piggybacking on racial tensions, agitators incited the local people to destroy dozens of washing stations owned by Ethiopians of other tribal backgrounds than Gedeo. Dumerso’s site was looted and destroyed. The family lost a lot of money in the process but remained hopeful that they could do good for the area and rebuild. In the same season, nightly low temperatures that hadn’t been seen in more than fifty years caused frost to strike the area and decimated the harvest. Despite these challenges, the family has continued to forge ahead with great fortitude. Since then, they have been rebuilding with a focus on specialty coffee and process control.



    • REGION: Alta Mogiana (Eldorado farm)
    • PROCESS: Natural
    • ALTITUDE: 900-1100 MASL
    • VARIETALS: Catuai
    • CUPPING NOTES: Chocolate, nutty, gentle lime with sweet aftertaste.



    Coffee growing is a tradition kept in the family for generations in the Eldorado farm. Located in the Alta Mogiana region spanning the northern part of Sao Paulo state and the south of Minas Gerais, its owners are farmers who care about what they do. In addition to planting and picking coffee beans, they also process them at the farm. Eldorado farm cultivates high-quality Arabica crops with notes of chocolate and nuts, the result of meticulous work developed over time by generations devoted to these lands.

    The natural wealth of Alta Mogiana is a great ally in the development of high-quality coffees due to climate conditions perfect for growing coffee trees. Altitudes between 900 and 1200 meters above sea level give the coffee a unique flavour that distinguishes it from other regions. 


    Maria Lucia runs the Eldorado farm. She is no stranger to coffee - the daughter of coffee farmers, she was born and raised on the Eldorado farm. Her attention to detail and years of coffee experience make her a talented producer, having been responsible for consecutive years of excellent coffee. Her husband, Laece França Faleiros, is also a passionate and experienced coffee producer involved in coffee farming from beginning to end since he was 12 years old.


    Since 2010 the farm shifted its focus from large-scale efficiency to aiming for specialty coffee. The move was highly successful and rewarding, placing them as winners of the Alta Mogiana Competition and high rankings in the Cup of Excellence many times in the last decade.

    The farm focuses on an Arabica bean variety known as Catucai, a cross between Catuai and Icatu. Catucai can be both yellow and red and is well-known for its high productivity and yield. The coffee is produced at an average altitude of 1100m above sea level and naturally processed (dry process), which is why it has notes of chocolate and nuts. It also makes for a very good espresso. Dry processed (naturals) coffees are dried in the full cherry prior to de-pulping. Naturals tend to have more fruit and fermented flavours because the bean has more time to interact with the natural sugars from the cherry as enzymes break down the mucilage around the bean.


    Fazenda Eldorado is keeping up with sustainability. They are making every effort to reduce chemicals while striving to preserve the microbial life in the topsoil to maintain fertility. They are pioneers in these efforts. To reach their objective, they produce and apply biological inputs that contribute to restoring the environment’s balance.

    “The Farm works with pesticides that do not harm the environment like
    biological ones, the fertilizers are made with organic mineral formula, to
    preserve our fauna and flora.”


    All KOOLBREW products are ethically and sustainably sourced.

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      "The coffee wasn't dark, [it was] nuttier and fruitier, than what I am used to [...] It was incredible!"

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      “Care and attention to detail are the ethos of The Shed Specialty Coffee.”

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      “The coffee may have been the best I’ve ever had.”

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