Kool Story

Koolbrew is a story of amazing women who are artisans, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and creators - all in the coffee industry!

Women have been contributing their creativity, energy, and hard work to coffee production for as long as the coffee plant has been cultivated. Unfortunately, many women in coffee are stuck in low-paying and heavy labour jobs. 

But when women are empowered, communities thrive. Flavours become richer, more nuanced, and deeper. That's why we decided to create a cold brew coffee that promotes ethical, sustainable, and woman-led specialty coffee. We carefully sourced our beans from direct trade, women-led farms and spent many sleepless nights perfecting our brew to bring out the best flavours. Our goal was to create delicious brews that could brighten up Gentle Island beach days and energize creative sleepless nights.

When you sip a Koolbrew, you can taste the love and dedication of the woman farmer who cultivates her coffee beans to make every flavour brighter. And you can taste the vision of a woman roaster who works hard every day to erase the border between the coffee bean and coffee lover. 

Today, our Koolbrew cold brew coffee flavours are Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Each one features a design to celebrate the single-origin coffee bean that was used to make it and honour the always-innovating, always-dreaming woman in coffee. 

By enjoying a Koolbrew, you can support ethical and sustainable specialty coffee led by women. Together, let’s erase the border between the coffee bean and the coffee lover.