Are you a kool coffee drinker?


The coffee plant has given stimulation and satisfaction for many hundreds of years. But where does coffee come from, and how can I be a kool coffee drinker?

The History of Coffee Drinking

By the 1500s, coffee drinking had spread from North Africa through the Middle East, Persia, Turkey, and India. People drank coffee socially, but also for religious rituals and as treatment for illnesses. Coffee fueled artists, musicians, inventors, lovers, poets, and many more. By 1600, the practice of drinking coffee had spread through Venice to Italy. And throughout the 1600s, coffee drinking spread throughout Europe, Indonesia, and the Americas. 

Colonial trading companies began importing coffee worldwide as coffee drinking became more popular. Production scaled up. Over hundreds of years, mass production of coffee has led to mass exploitation of natural resources, displacement of Indigenous communities, and abuse of low-pay farm labourers.

Specialty Coffee and Coffee Culture

Fortunately, the story of coffee is not just a story of mass production and exploitation. Better methods of coffee cultivation have flourished. Over generations, small-scale coffee producers refine their approach to coffee cultivation. Farmers nurture beans with care, growing them at select altitudes and in harmony with the environment. Meanwhile, talented coffee roasters and baristas have developed their own knowledge of coffee, contributing to innovations in coffee drinking that erase the border between the coffee bean and the coffee lover. 

There was no birth of specialty coffee, because the art of coffee and love of coffee was always there, under the nurturing care of thousands of artisan coffee farmers, coffee roasters, coffee baristas, and coffee lovers. But still, specialty coffee is moving and developing. 

Tips for the Future of Coffee Culture

No one can define how cool you are, and there are many ways to enjoy coffee. But, we put together a few quick tips based on our own experience enjoying coffee. 

  1. Choose to enjoy good specialty coffee 🙂There are many specialty coffee options, from cold brew to espresso-based drinks. But the best coffee is always carefully sourced, joyfully roasted specialty coffee. 
  2. We love to learn with you, and we are happy to help! Feel free to ask questions or share feedback with the barista. Can you use nuttier-flavour beans for my drink? Do you have any new or extra-special beans? I liked this cappuccino more than usual because the beans are less acidic….
  3. Bring your own (clean) mug or travel mug. Together we make a difference and improve the sustainability of enjoying specialty coffee. 
  4. Grab a can of Koolbrew for travel, convenience, or fun! You may not always have time to brew your own coffee at home, or you may just want that special Koolbrew boost. There are many ways to enjoy a Koolbrew, you can drink it straight up or try mixing it up with one of our recipes. 

Do you have any more tips about kool specialty coffee culture? Share your insights by leave a comment below.

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