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The Perfect Roast Makes the Best Coffee

Roasting is the process of heating unpalatable green beans to create complex flavours, which are later extracted during brewing. Unroasted beans are much smaller than roasted beans and have a slightly green tint – thus the name “green bean.” We say that roasted coffee beans are light-roast, medium-roast or dark-roast, depending on how long we heat the beans while roasting them. 

Excellent roasting is important, as only the roaster can artfully bring out the best of a coffee bean. At The Shed Coffee, we roast our own coffee for the highest possible quality and freshness. We are committed to micro-roasting in small batches to ensure that our coffee roasting is always of the highest quality. We strive every day to get closer to our goal of erasing the border between coffee beans and coffee lovers

Journey to Becoming a Coffee Roaster

For me, the journey to becoming a coffee roaster started with my passion for coffee. I have always loved the special flavours and energy of coffee. Finally, after 15 years of working in marketing and strategic planning, I decided it was time to put my creativity and motivation into my passion. I chose full immersion, learning and tasting my way to my niche in the world of specialty coffee. 

Once I started roasting, I was always-on, learning and studying non-stop to every day make a better cup of coffee. I had one desire, to unlock the special flavours in the coffee beans that the farmer cultivated so lovingly. And now, each day I think about the ONE and ONLY thing - how can I roast better? I stay up late to cup and taste endless coffee, striving to source the best green beans and then bring out their best flavours with perfect roasting and brewing. Along the way, I have many sleepless nights.

The Passion of a Coffee Roaster

70kg bag of coffee, how? I can not remember how I could do it. Roasting takes so much strength and hard work, as well as always-on thinking about improving small details to give a more satisfying taste. Coffee is a labour of love for the woman roaster. 

In the middle of the night, it is too exhausting to change or shower, so I end up going to sleep with roasted flavour in my hair and body. Then I am a nightwalker, visiting my secret garden, cutting some fresh flowers and looking up to the sky to enjoy Orion, Jupiter, Saturn.... and finding my own way to come home. 

Every day, we coffee roasters put our love, energy, and discipline into the art of coffee making. Every day is studying and experimenting with coffee. I am honoured to work with coffee and share the rare, unique journey of being a woman roaster. If choosing to roast is the harder path, I am grateful it brings a better view.


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